Matt and Annabel

It’s a Wind Up Vintage 78 DJs

                                                             Vintage 78 djs



Passionate about 78rpm shellac recordings, travel and collecting, we tour the country playing from our hoard of over 20,000 shellac discs.

We use our 1930′s portable gramophones to play and spin shellac and the music is all on original 78rpm shellac discs ranging from the 20s through to the 1950s

The players are then amplified and can played in any size venue from the most intimate pub or parlour to a large theatre, marquee or ballroom.

The collection is a fantastic selection of the best in 20th century music including music of the 1920s, 1930s jazz era, Be-Bop and the big band sound plus Skiffle, Rat Pack crooners, Rock n’ Roll, female vocalists and a huge stash of the Blues!

We pride ourselves on getting the music right and most of our old records are in great condition ensuring that the sound quality from our superbly maintained gramophone players is the highest “low-fi” you will hear.

We've worked with some of great clients in the past including:

HRP Historic Royal Palaces, The Tower of London Food Fair, Hampton Court,  The National Trust, Bestival, Camp Bestival,