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0074 Party GJ

The Party At The End Of The World Nostell Priory

Posted by Vintage 78DJs , Tuesday 20th Oct, 2015


0001 Party GJ 


Last summer we were invited by the National Trust and Catherine Mailhac to provide our music and games for this amazing commemorative event celebrating the last party at this great estate before the outbreak of WWI

In July 1914 a large party was held to celebrate the coming of age of Rowland George Winn. The whole estate was invited, as well as local miners, villagers and local dignitaries.  A few days later, Britain entered the First World War, and looking back, this party is now seen as the last ever great country house party, an end of an era. Those last hours of calm and celebration, before the 1914-18 conflict, would become known as the party at the end of the world. 

in this commemorative re-enactment of Rowland’s last birthday party, visitors played the parts of the guests and took part in traditional Edwardian games and a sports day. 


0023 Party GJ

Nostell Priory sack race



We had all of our Edwardian sun-shelter fete games up including the hoopla and the tin-can alley 



Nostell Priory Hoopla

Tin can alley


They also took a trip back in time to Professor Tubby’s Photographic Parlour  where they dressed in traditional clothing and posed for family portraits. Here's a photo of Matt by Professor Tubby


Me at Nostel Priory


  There was music from our vintage gramophones 


Gramophones and djs Nostell Priory


 Yew Tree Theatre group told the story of Rowland George Winn’s romance with actress Evie Carew who he secretly married her in 1915 causing a great scandal. We also provided all the deckchairs for the event and hundreds of yards of bunting!


Performance Nostell Priory


We had a dedicated marquee for all of our parlour and pub games including shove ha'penny and the fantastic game of English bagatelle


Nostell priory English Bagatelle





A fantastic day and a great event to be a part of with over 1000 guests who came and played the games and enjoyed the music. We had our own games supervisors  who were there to help and reset the games if need be and some of the National Trust volunteers came along to help as well. 


Sack Race