Traditional Fete Games Hire

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Many thanks for the parlour and Edwardian fete games - what a day and everyone loved them! The sun shelters were brilliant. Kate and Ben

We have an amazing array of vintage parlour, pub and fete games. Here's our dedicated website.

We specialise in traditional and vintage games that are a part of the quintessential English fete.

Fun and games for all people everywhere.  Hereyou’ll see some games that will evoke nostalgic memories of summers gone by from fairground side stalls, village fetes and travelling fairs of the past plus some rare and wonderful games we’ve collected along the way. 

 All the games are easy to play and great fun for all ages but to be a winner you’ll need to up your skill level be warned they’re highly addictive. Great fun for all the family to get involved and play together.

Hire our games barkers who can then be on hand to explain the games, show you the tricks to make you a winner and how to avoid the showman’s traps.

We have a huge variety of games to suit all ages which can be used indoors or outdoors from traditional pub and parlour games to larger fete and lawn activities.

Games can be hired in packages with or without our vintage dressed hosts who manage the games and encourage your guests to take part. Many games come with printed laminated instructions or with blackboards. All the games bar the Boules, Bowls, Croquet and Coconut Shy are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. Games can be hired individually but there is a minimum hire charge so please let us know your requirements and we'll get straight back to you.

Below is part our current games list please email for a full list prices and more information 

For more photos of the games have a look at our dedicated website

Traditional Fete Games Hire






Fete, Country and Lawn Games 

Wooden Skittle Alley

Traditional English nine pin wooden skittle alley, 24 feet long

Coconut Shy

Four coconut holders a lovely bunch of coconuts, wooden balls in an Edwardian Sun Shelter 

Tin-Can Alley

Classic side show fete game in an Edwardian sun shelter 


Traditional colourful side show fete game in an Edwardian sun shelter 

Classic Outdoor Croquet Set

Full size Townsend classic croquet set with vital instructions

Bean Bag Throw

Five foot tall throwing game nine brightly coloured buckets and bean bags

Stand the Bottle

Stand the bottle if you can. Hours of fun 

Nine Hole Putting Game

Vintage nine hole putting set with brass putting cups and leather handled putters. An original corporation putting set. Indoors or out

Clock Golf 

Original Edwardian clock golf game complete with leather handled wooden shaft putters 10 to 16 feet diameter game.

Hook a Duck

Great brightly coloured hook a duck in it's own tin bath and milk pail for the rods


Traditional wooden deck game with rope quoits

Splat The Rat 

Our favourite! A simple and hilarious game. Try to hit the rat as it emerges from the pipe

Egg and Spoon Race

Lifelike rubber eggs and wooden spoons. Finishing line and medals as prizes and bean bags to plan your course

Sack Race 

Different sized hessian sacks and winners medals to take away, a turn cone and the finishing line

Giant Pick Up Sticks

Huge version of the traditional game of skill

Giant Connect Four

Very large wooden version of this game of strategy


Classic French game ideally played on a gravel or cinder path with metal boules


The quintessentially English "clock" sound of wood on wood

Giant Jenga

Very large version of this game suitable for all areas

Mega Jenga

The biggest we could find and a great game for large spaces

Edwardian Bowls Games

Original Edwardian lawn game with painted balls and hoops. Played in a similar way to Croquet.






Pub and Parlour Games 


Great pastime game which will bring out the mean streak in your guests complete with baize card table

Building Bricks

A bucket full of vintage very tactile wooden building bricks. Dangerously addictive (we know!)

English Bagatelle

The precursor to snooker. Amazing Victorian English bagatelle in folding mahogany case with cues and balls. 6 to 8 feet long

Bar Billiards

"Russian Bar Billiards board designed to go on any table and readily portable with cues and balls

Bobs Bridge

Game of skill played on a English Bagatelle table 

Table Croquet

Amazing indoor table top croquet set which comes with its own baize covered playing board

Table Skittles

Classic wooden bar skittles board 


Vintage wooden championship bagatelle

Shove Ha’penny

Vintage wooden championship board complete with ha'pennies and chalk

Roll a Penny

Roll an old penny down the chute to land on a number not a line. 

Shut the Box

Popular dice game 

Marble Bridge

Traditional marble game with its own board


Throwing game of skill



Roll a Ball

Numbered ball game played with ping pong balls. 


  Clock Golf